Civil Rights Investigator / Tester


  • The Housing Rights Center is looking for volunteer testers to conduct apartment surveys and assist with the investigation of housing discrimination complaints under the fair housing laws. These testers are compensated for each test type they complete as well as for mileage traveled from home.
  • Testers play the role of a person who is looking for a housing unit in which to live. Testers must be objective, careful observers, accurate reporters and truthful witnesses as they will be responsible for reporting their experience to the Housing Rights Center.
  • This is a volunteer position with no guaranteed minimum of hours or assignments, however, testers are offered a stipend for their work and have the ability to work very flexible hours with future opportunity to become a temporary, part-time employee.
  • Testers must have a reliable vehicle, carry auto insurance, and maintain confidentiality about their tests.
  • Prospective testers must attend a 2-hour non-paid training session and pass a criminal background screening
  • Candidates must not have filed a complaint with the Housing Rights Center or HUD in the past 5 years.

For additional information, please contact

Kenley Ward at

(213) 387-8400 ext. 1126

or via email at:

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